Natakhtari Company acknowledges significance of responsible approach to business and in its activities as well as in relations with its partners and other stakeholders applies the following basic values:
  • Honesty – company conducts its activities in a regime of maximum disclosure and transparency where it uses two – way communication with the target audience based on the principle of complete awareness
  • Care – company is distinguished by high social responsibility and any of its employees realizes high importance of supporting science, sports and local self-governance development in Georgia
  • Innovation – focusing on development is a remarkable feature of Natakhtari by which the company is holding a leader's position and is contributing to development of its own industry as well as of the overall business in our country
  • Team Spirit – any success of Natakhtari is created internally by the employees and externally by joint efforts of partners as well as of stakeholders, where sharing of knowledge and experience is an unwritten rule