Natakhtari Lemonade

Natakhtari Lemonade is on Georgian Market since 2005. It gained great approval and love in consumers and is one of the most popular fresh drink in Georgia. Lemonade is a traditional product, that is unchangeable attribute of Georgian table (sufra).

Natakhtari Lemonade is a tasty fresh drink, produced by the best water. It isstable and unchangeable high quality Georgian brand.Natakhtari Lemonade has reached other markets (not only Georgia) and since 2005 it is being exported in several countries.Export is stable in 19 countries, they are: Armenia, Azerbaijan,Austria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, China, Germany, Greece, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and the USA.

Since 2010, Company introduced Zero calorie Lemonade with pear aroma, that is sugar free.Sugar free Pear Lemonade, with unique taste, is created for diet nutrition consumers.

Natakhtari Lemonade is presented in variety of aromas:Tarragon, Orange, Cream, Saperavi, Pear, Lemon, Apple, Raspberries, Barberries, Lemon with Mint, Cream and Chocolate, White Grape, Feijoa and Peach. Ingredients: Water, Sugar (In Zero Calorie- Sugar Substitute - Multisweet, calorie - 0 kcal/100g), Natural Aroma, Natrium Benzoat.
Calorie - 45 kcal/100g