Reference to Problems of Children and Adolescents deprived of Parental Care in a Patriarch’s Epistle will contribute to problem solution>


Natakhtari Fund responded to the opinion expressed by Ilya II, the Patriarch of All Georgia in his Epistle about increasing public engagement in resolution of problems faced by children and adolescents deprived of parental care and noted that assigning a high profile status to the problem by Patriarch will make significant contribution to its resolution. Nikoloz Khundzakishvili, Corporate Director of Natakhtari Company: I would like to thank his holiness for raising this issue in his Epistle. Natakhtari Fund has been working

80% of Natakhtari Lemonade’s Export goes to Azerbaijan, Russia, Armenia and Kazakhstan>


Georgia has achieved some progress in finding export markets and diversification. The list of products, which are being exported overseas, including Europe, has also increased. Georgian wine or mineral waters have been occupying significant share in export for years. Georgian lemonade has the leading role on the list of beverages. Lemonade is especially distinguished among Georgian export products. According to statistical data, until 2015 the export of beverages was steadily increasing, however during the last year it started to

Council of the Rugby Union President Advisors was established with Natakhtari’s participation>


The first meeting of the Rugby Union President Advisors Council was held at the Shevardeni Sports Complex. The advisory Council was established recently under the initiative of the Rugby Union, which will periodically organize similar events. The purpose of establishing the Council was attraction of new ideas and opinions from outsiders and their implementation. However, this circle does not represent a decision – making body. Current Council members are Tornike Nikolaishvili, Marketing Manager of Natakhtari Company, Badri

FIZZY Mojito – are you Ready?>


New refreshment beverage FIZZY appeared on the Georgian market at the end of March. A new Mojito flavor was added to FIZZY. „FIZZY is a new Georgian refreshment beverage for those who are ready for adventure, for those who get surprised and who are surprising, who make others laugh and who laugh themselves, who sing and listen, who notice others and are noticed. It is for really free people. Such people need innovations, therefore a new FIZZI was created with a Mojito’s flavot. I hope that it will make spring more enjoyable

The first Georgian Ad made in Sukhumi and Tbilisi!>


The story of an endless friendship The first Georgian ad which was taken in Sukhumi and Tbilisi! Video is based on a real story and part of it was filmed in today’s Sukhumi. The story tells us about invisible people who are trying to build bridges instead of walls. Ana Karchava, Brand Manager of Natakhtari Beer: „Natakhtari Beer has been talking about friendship for years. The context is diverse: joy, support and just being together are considered as integral parts of friendship. It is time and the brand decided to talk