GOOOOAL!“ – a new name for Natakhtari Beer!



“No one doubts that the Football World Cup is a global event. This is a universal festival. Even those not representing fans of this sport are engaged in the football fever. Surely all brands are trying to react to this event and Natakhtari Beer is not the exception. Moreover, it is a tradition for us to organize various activities for European and World Cups in soccer. This time, our objective was to make our communication campaign different from those of the other companies. We were ready for a revolutionary and audacious step that would make our consumers smile and keep them happy.

We conceived an idea to change the brand name purposefully during the World Cup period and call it „GOOOOAL!“ (Football Natakhtari). In our opinion, ten-year history of the brand and its high awaraness allowed us to take such a bold decision. Thus, we linked Natakhtari Beer with the most exciting moment in football.

Beer is an essential drink for football supporters. We hope that our campaign will allow the friends who get together to watch the games enjoy beer and videos instead of standard ads during the commercial breaks” – explained Ana Karchava, Senior Brand Manager of Natakhtari.