Information Meetings of Natakhtari Fund ended in Georgian Regions



Information meetings were held in Civic Engagement Centers from July 26 to August 3 under the Natakhtari Fund’s Initiative. Representatives of Natakhtari Company and Association -Our Home Georgia met with the local non-governmental organizations, employees of social services in regional municipalities self-governments, managers of small family-type homes, employers, the fund beneficiaries and media.

Natakhtari Fund presented the five-year detailed report to guests on professional training, education and employment of adolescents deprived of parental care.

“The meetings were of discussion type. We informed the guests that during 4 years GEL 587,857 were collected with the public involvement and we assisted 247 adolescents.

It should be noted that the Fund takes care of all adolescents across Georgia who are 15 and live in a small family type homes. We are offering them vocational training, so that when they leave the state care program they are able to start working and live on their own.

Preparation for independence is a long process. Initially their aspirations and capabilities are identified with psychologist’s assistance. Afterwards the preparation starts for acquiring the profession. In most of the cases the adolescent gets trained in a college and then undertakes paid internship with the best craftsman in the region. This increases the probability of employment. There are cases when a program beneficiary tries several occupations before he/ she finds the right vocation” – said Manana Omarashvili, the Head of Psychology Service of the Association Our Home Georgia

At the five year anniversary of the Natakhtari Fund we already have many success stories. One of our beneficiaries is Mariam, who studied the culinary art at Mermisi. There is Gela who works in the supply chain department in Natakhtari. Daniel is working in Batumi in a ceramics (enamel) workshop and is acquiring furniture assemblage technology. Overall 120 beneficiaries are employed.

It is noteworthy that with assistance of the Natakhtari Fund and McLaren Foundation a social laundry was opened where 2 beneficiaries got employed.

These pride-taking results are due to active involvement of the public. This year, the fifth wave started on May 17 and ended on August 17. The quantity of the sold lemonade will be directly reflected in the collected amount and respectively we will be able to calculate how many beneficiaries can be assisted by the Fund. Therefore, it is essential to inform the public actively about Fund’s achievements and beneficiary needs – said Nino Surmava, PR and Digital Marketing Manager of Natakhtari Company.